Sunday, July 18, 2010

THE FORGOTTEN FATHER-Architect of Child's Future

The saga of Mother’s divine love bestowed on her child has been sung by a number of people, a number which is beyond expectation, beyond imaginations. But most of these sagas I found incomplete because there’s something missing in this lot. I won’t leave you all with a fill in the missing digit kind of a thing; the answer is simply-“the father child bonding”. The nurturing of a child into a human in progress is just incomplete if either of the one is missing. Both of these are two sides of a coin if one are missing then the other is incomplete without it. There is one fact that had been found to be true upto a certain extent that normally a boy finds greater bonding with his mom and a girl to her father. May be some of you would love to comment on this.

Almost all of you and especially the movie buffs must have watched the story of the dyslexic boy presented by the perfectionist Aamir Khan i.e. Taare Zameen Par. If you remember the scene where Darsheel bunks the school and goes on to a tour of the city, he stops near the shop of an ice man. While having his part of ice-candy, what makes him forget his melting ice is the love of a father. The father with his child sitting on his shoulders just came to buy an ice-candy to fulfil the wish of his dear son.

Perhaps, one reason why these lots have been missing the father thing is the inert volcano of love and emotions that the male gender of the so called Homeo Homeo Sapiens possess. The level of inertness is very high as compared to the female gender so nobody could see what is going on inside. Sometimes, due to this, their actions even seem to be stern and one of an emotionless person but actually they are bound by the love of building the future of their own child.

I myself have been flooded with such kinds of thought, as if I have been punished. But these so called punishments always put me way ahead in this day to day race of finding success in the journey called life. I often used to remember how I used to get irritated when my father used to give the task of writing any official letter like for bank, gas connection etc. But those writing punishments turned out to be a boon which has been experienced by me during my hostel life and probably more is yet to come. During childhood, making me stand in long queues before the reservation counter taught me how to get the reservation done when internet ticketing was not prevalent. All these things came to be understood to me with the passage of time during my progressive journey as a human and it’s good to learn with your experience than by anyone’s preaching. A preaching can be erased by brain wash but an experience is inerasable from one’s life. Life (time) is said to be the greatest teacher which teaches everything.

My father used to chid me certain times on my wrong doings but I was unable to notice how with advent of time, this chiding turned into friendly talking. This was the time that the aforementioned volcanoes used to start erupting abruptly, time and again, in a discontinuous fashion. May be if this eruption would have occurred earlier in a son’s life, then these sagas would not have been remained untold, or, perhaps, if they wouldn’t have turned rock solid our future might not have been brighter and complacent like this.

The motive of writing this just after my first blog is clearly that I don’t want to repeat mistakes which history has made repeatedly and like to pay my gratitude to my pops for his continuous and ever confidence boosting support and like you all to join this campaign before it’s too late to repent what you could have possibly done.

If you repeat the history, then don’t forget that one day you too will become history, may be. with the same mistake tried and tested on you.

So, I would just end up with these lines






  1. it was a outstanding way of expression of fathers love. every body should realise it...............

    yhanks u

  2. You are doing great....way to go...this is the best gift a son can give to his father :) Luv u for that !!!!!!!!!

  3. @Shashank
    sorry da..............