Monday, August 9, 2010


To witness and become proudly associated with such feelings is what just makes you dumbstruck. I am out of words to express it. Well I am not narrating any suspense story and I am in full mood to provide you with the curtain raiser of what I am talking about?
Well guys I am talking about hoisting of our national flag. So, most of you must be thinking what’s new about it? The new part is that recently on 7th August 2010 our university i.e. O.P. Jindal Global University, Sonipat has become the proud owner of India’s tallest National Flag with the flag post being approx. 207ft high. The hoisting of such a huge flag by maintaining its dignity was really a tough work which was carried out very smoothly. It was hoisted by Mrs. Savitri Jindal. Even the wind came out to help in hoisting of the symbol of the world’s largest democracy. The journey of the flag to the top of the flag post was marked with the national anthem and the whole thing was just phenomenal. The feeling of just standing near to such a huge symbol of our patriotism was just inexpressible. The proper lighting arrangements made it look even more beautiful during the night time. I was missing my camera at this very moment and will soon upload the original photo. Any one if gets some time; do visit our campus especially during the night time to experience this splendid beauty of our flag. Well I take this opportunity to thank our chancellor Mr. Naveen Jindal because of whose efforts it would not have been possible for any Indian to show his passionate love for his/her country in this form. Kudos to you sir!

As promised here is the photo of one of the  tallest flag pole in Asia along with the tricolour. Photography by Ankur Saraswat.