Saturday, October 2, 2010


Of What composite this man was made of ? Just imagine a piece of khadi on the body, a stick in his hand and even the mighty Britishers were afraid of him. Non-violence and peace were his major weapons that he gave to the world which no armour in this world can take on. Simplicity was in his every action which even earned him the name MAHATMA, first honoured by Rabindra Nath Tagore. Well no prize for guessing as you all know I am talking about our very own bapu, the father of the nation,Mohan Das Karam Chand Gandhi famously known as Mahatma Gandhi by the world.
As nation greets bapu on his 141st birthday in the language of the news channels, just ask deep inside your heart do we really care than just mere celebrating this as a holiday? This is a big question which i am asking and the answer needs deep thinking. Facts in our country has always been produced by various sources and in mutilated manner as per the requirement but for god's sake please don't close your eyes and just forget what people like him and many others have given this country. Its on their past that our present is build and its on our present that the future of the coming generations is going to be build.
We in the Hindu Mythology normally believe that our ancestors after leaving this world are watching us from the heaven with equal emotions and sense of attachment. If this is true then think what bapu would be feeling on the irony of his children. He never dreamt of a free India like this where people have been fighting in the name of mandir -masjid. He might have never thought this country would not be able to host the Commonwealth (British Empire) in the country which forced these Britishers to leave and attained our birthright freedom.

Please lets all stood up for this father of the nation. Lets forget all our woes. Lets build a mandir and masjid together and present this world a clear show of harmony. I at this point would certainly like to criticise the media for its detrimental reporting in both cases of CWG and Ayodhya. The day after the verdict when I read the newspaper the first heading 2 to Hindus and 1 part to Muslims clearly differentiate the all and believe me it sends down a negative feeling. In the case of Commonwealth as well it was good to be critique about the work in the earlier stages but when the games were near your shabby reporting might have stopped several tourists coming to India just because you did not present the other side of the story. Its always easy to find a wrong doing than a positive thing.

All is good if it ends well, and this is the time when CWG is just few hours away from the moment I am writing it. Lets make these games a huge success. The onus lies with us too. Lets gift our father of the nation by presenting him India's might in organising these games with humbleness of "Athithi Devo Bhavha" and then later on coming together to build a temple and mosque in the same fashion as the city of Varanasi possess near Kashi Vishwanath Mandir. It is my humble request to all don't let tears roll down the cheeks of the father of the nation other wise this burden of his tears would become unbearable by us.

Jai Hind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!